Franco - bass, vocals
Since retiring from NASA's Corps of Astronauts (he was mission commander for Apollo 23), Franco has explored various careers in the entertainment industry.  An original member of Aerosmith and Weather Report, Franco gravitated to the film industry, where he gained quite a reputation as a body double, most notably for the Mark Wahlberg character of Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights.  When not busy undergoing psychiatric therapy for delusions of grandeur, he resides in a villa on the southern coast of France, with his six wives and 200 servants.  His musical influences are the Hindustani sarod and sarangi, Tuvan throat singing, Peruvian pan flutes, and Kabuki Theatre.
Stuff I Use:
Dingwall Guitars
Mike Lull Guitars
John East Preamps
J-Retro and U-Retro Bass Preamps
Alembic Preamps
Crest Poweramps
Aguilar Amplifiers
Vanderkley Cabinets
Darkglass Pedals
Intex Cables